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Haunted House in McKenzietowne

My wife and I moved into our Calgary home a little over five years ago. Our house was newly built, along with a few hundred other new homes in a neighbourhood called, McKenzie Towne. Up until a few years ago, we were both paranormal sceptics. Although we have heard ghost stories, we believed there were rational explanations to clear up any mysteries. But now, we are not so sure.

The events in our house began right after an encounter one of our neighbours had in her house. Isabella,(not her real name)was at home from work one day when she noticed that her pots and pans that were hanging from her pot rack above her kitchen island started to swing back and forth. Then her smoke detector began to buzz and would not turn off no matter what she did.

Taking a friend’s advice on the phone, she yelled to her kitchen, “Whoever you are, I appreciate your visit, but I am freaking out here. Please stop!”

Interestingly, the smoke detector stopped buzzing and the pots and pans stopped swinging.

My first encounter with the paranormal happened a few weeks after our neighbour’s traumatic experience in her kitchen. My wife and I had just returned from a vacation, and our suitcases were scattered in the living room and hallway. I was pushing a table aside to get access to the kitchen when I noticed a movement from the corner of my eye. When I turned, I saw a woman’s hand sticking out from the hallway closet.

What are you up to, love? Trying to scare me, are you? I thought with a slight smirk on my face.

I approached the closet with the intention of ripping the door open and giving my wife a scare instead. Before I could get to the closet, I heard my dearest calling my name from our bedroom. I turned my head only a twitch towards the bedroom then glanced back at the closet. The hand was no longer there.

What? If she’s in the bedroom then whose hand did I see? Who’s in the closet?

There were two options for me—go to the bedroom and see if my wife was there or to the closet. I went to the closet. I held on to the wooden door handle for a couple of seconds thinking if I should ‘Boo!’ before pulling the door. Without further thought, I yanked the long door. There was no one in there, just a few of my wife’s clothes hanging from the closet rod.

That’s impossible. I definitely saw fingers wrapping around the cupboard door! It was clear as day!

I rushed to the room and was glad to see my wife there. I told her about the hand. She laughed and thought it was funny. I didn’t want to embarrass myself further, so I dropped the matter altogether.

Weeks passed, and the incident had completely drained to the deeper regions of my brain when another freaky incident happened.

It was an evening my wife and I felt romantic and decided to take a bath together in our bathtub. We lit a few candles and immersed ourselves in hot water. We had had a wonderful dinner and had brought our bottle of wine with us in the bathroom. Feeling rather lightheaded, we joked and teased one another. The hand in the closet incident came up again.

“Oooooh, a ghost is haunting you, Paul. Oooooo, are you flattered?” my wife teased.

With alcohol surging in my veins and feeling rather cheeky, I joked, “I bet she’s beautiful.”

At that moment, my wife called out to the ceiling of the bathroom, “Hey, if you actually exist, give us a sign.”

I stared at her. I wasn’t afraid, but I just didn’t think it was funny. “Hey, come on, love. What if…”

“What if what, Paul? Are you afraid?” Then she continued to taunt the ‘spirit’. “Come on. Blow the candles out if you are here?”

As God is my witness, the candle flames began to flutter. There was no wind in the bathroom, yet the flames flickered as if someone was blowing onto them. After a couple of seconds, the flames became perfectly still again. My wife and I looked in awe at the candles and then at each other. Suddenly, one of the candle flames started to wiggle—just one—and it bent right down, almost perfectly horizontal. It remained down for at least three seconds before straightening up to a vertical calm once more.

Sobriety hit us instantly, and I felt the skin on my face droop as if melting like wax. We jumped out of the tub, grabbed our towels, and rushed out of the bathroom.

I don’t know what it was that caused the candles to act in the way they did, but we have the utmost respect for the invisibles now.

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