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Bobbing Head

It was a Friday, but my boss had made it very clear that he wanted my spreadsheet finished before the day was over, so naturally, I worked late.

The numbers my boss had printed out were tiny, so I was straining my eyes quite a bit. As I was hitting the keys on the keyboard, I heard a brushing sound coming from the window in the wall in front of me. My fingers stopped and I looked up, but I couldn’t hear the sound anymore.

“See you tomorrow Errand,” a colleague said as she stood up with her handbag in hand.

I glared at her and pouted my lips. I was the last employee in the office now. I craned my neck to see what my boss was doing. He was on the phone, so I carried on working.

After a few minutes of intense staring at the computer screen, I rested my eyes on the view outside the window. A few flowing black strings at the bottom part of the window caught my attention.

What the hell is that? I thought as I stared at the snaking threads.

Because of my low vantage point, I was no wiser. Not being able to discern what the fibrous things were only made me more curious, so I stood up for a better look. The floating black strands look very much like human hair, and they seemed to be stemming out from a black, roundish base.

“Is that a head? Gosh, it sure looks like it,” I whispered to myself.

Just outside the window was quite possibly a human head bobbing up and down. If it truly was a person, I couldn’t tell whether it was a woman or a man. I could only see the back side of the head.

I was more alarmed than scared, perhaps because my boss was still around. Then it dawn on me that there was no ledge outside.

How can a person hang in mid air twelve stories high? The thought washed fear over me.

I glanced into my boss’s office. The bald man’s face was buried deep in his ledgers, so I decided not to bother him. But I had to get to the bottom of this or my mind would not be at ease. With light and wary steps, I moved towards the window. The closer I got to the opened glass panes, the more anxious I became. Then, suddenly, the head bobbed up and turned. My eyes nearly jumped out of their sockets. It WAS a PERSON!

“WHAT THE HELL?” I screamed without even realising I had.

My boss rushed out, but I was already on the floor, out cold. When I came to, I could only pant and gasp. I was in my boss’s car headed for the hospital.

I was ill for a few days with a persistent fever and a throat that felt like I had eaten a whole bowl of hot chillies. I was paranoid all the time and scared of opened windows. I had become so petrified of my office that I never stepped in there again. I quit my job.

I had not talked about this to anyone, but today I am writing this to you. One thing I have not mentioned is what the thing looked like. It was horrendous. Its face was leathery and almost black, had eyes that were red as blood, and long fangs like the lion’s stuck out from its mouth. The most chilling thing about the creature was that it had no body, just its innards dangling from its neck.

Errand Koji
Temp Clerk, Japan.

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