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The Campus Imp

I was a teacher at Central Philippine University. One night, reluctantly, I worked late to prepare for the next day’s class test. The campus was known to be haunted, and true to its reputation, strange things did take place that night.

There I was in my class minding my work when I heard a thud coming from upstairs. I figured some other unlucky soul had to work late tonight as well. I was glad actually to know I was not the only one in the building. I felt more secure.

Minutes of serenity passed, and then I heard running footsteps from the floor above. I wasn’t scared, just curious why this person was running.

“Maybe, I should go and have a look,” I said under my breath.

I put my pen down and made my way upstairs. On the upper level, I saw that the lights in the classroom were switched on. I could only see through the upper part of the louvered windows, which were made of frosted glass. The bottom half slats were aluminium, so I couldn’t see what was going on inside the room. Since the lights were turned on, I was relieved. It showed that someone was indeed there and that I wasn’t imagining the running footsteps. I tried prying the aluminium slats apart, but my fingers couldn’t get between the plates.

“Hello, hello, anyone there?” I called into the room.

There was no reply, so I walked to the door and turned the lever handle down, but the metallic handle wouldn’t move. After looking around a little more, I gave up, thinking the person could have gone out for a bite or something, so I went back downstairs and carried on with my work.

Later, about ten minutes of extracting test questions from text books, I heard a laughter. It was a child-like, high-pitched laughter. I was spooked, lots of things rushed through my mind. But, I didn’t want to conclude anything until I saw with my own eyes who it was, so I took a stainless steel ruler and went upstairs. I slid the ruler between the aluminium slats and twisted the metal stationery. The slit I managed was narrow, but it allowed me to see some parts of the floor and half of the wall across the classroom. There was definitely someone in the room because I saw moving shadows on the floor.

Who could it be? I wondered.

Then a pair of tiny, hairy legs dashed across the floor. I choked. As if that was not enough of a fright, the creature vanished in mid run. I was paralysed for a brief moment before gathering enough courage and bolting out of there.

This story is not a figment, I swear. I saw the creature’s hairy back. It was around three feet in height. At first, I thought it was a chimpanzee, but it was running upright and had human feet. It was running like a child, and it didn’t have long chimpy arms.

Mario, 32. Teacher
20 Dec 2000

The Devil Bird

There was a giant devil bird in my village. I know it sounds absurd but wait till you hear my story.

My family and I used to live in Muntinlupa, San Jose Village. We ran a restaurant business. It was small but lucrative. Our restaurant was located about twenty minutes of drive away from our house. To be ready and operational for the breakfast crowd, we had to start work hours before daylight every day.

My sister, Maria, was seven months pregnant. She and her husband, Paul, would use the family van and leave for the restaurant before the rest of us.

One morning, after travelling for twenty minutes, the van broke down. Paul pushed the van to the side of the deserted road, and the husband and wife proceeded to walk. They would have to walk for another twenty minutes to get to the restaurant.

“It’s very windy this morning, dear. Don’t you think?” Paul said.

“You think it’s strange?” Maria looked at her husband with curious eyes.

Paul peered into the distance. “Look over there. The trees there are perfectly still yet here we have this strong wind.”

Maria looked around but did not speak. Suddenly, they heard a flapping sound above their heads. It was loud, like two mattresses smacking into one another.

“Oh my God! Its a huge bird!” Paul squinted into the blackish blue sky.

Maria squeezed herself into her husband. They stared in awe at the bird the size of a school bus circling the sky above. As it circled, the black winged creature descended. It had descended to about a hundred feet when the couple panicked and started to run. Pulling Maria by the hand, Paul made a dash towards the nearby trees. While they ran, the flapping sound got louder and louder until it was so loud that Maria began to shriek and cry. She was so overwhelmed by fear that the pregnant woman blacked out and hit the ground, stomach first.

The flapping sound stopped immediately, so did the wind.

All her husband could do was pray. But, it was too late; Maria had lost her baby.

The ‘Devil Bird’, as it is called by the locals, has been sighted by many in that village. Even today, when there is a baby expected in the village, the residents become nervous, and they look out for the Devil Bird.

Antonio Sapolo, 34
18 Feb 2003

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